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About George

"What do I stand for? I stand for putting Australia first. I stand for our workers, our small business owners and our farming families. I stand for strong families. I stand for Christian values. I stand for freedom and liberty, particularly the liberty of life. And, importantly, I don't just stand for North Queensland - I stand up for North Queensland, for our local jobs, local industry and our way of life up here." - George Christensen


George Christensen


GEORGE is an Australian Member of Parliament who serves the Dawson electorate in North Queensland which stretches north up the coast from Mackay through to the southern suburbs of Townsville.

He is a fearless advocate for traditional Australian values and culture, and he stands up for his region and fights for local jobs.

In the Dawson electorate George has earned a reputation for;

  • Backing Aussie cane growers who are fighting for their rights against a foreign-owned miller;
  • Sticking up for struggling local businesses and jobseekers who stand to gain from the Carmichael Coal Project;
  • Pushing for lower power prices through the creation of a low-emissions clean-coal fired power generator to be built in North Queensland.

He is also well known for taking strong stances on national issues including;

  • Tightening immigration from countries whose citizens are a threat to our national security through the maintenance of a rigorous screening process
  • Helping mums and dads protect their children from those who push the concept of gender fluidity in schools;
  • Protecting superannuation from unfair taxing arrangements; and
  • Opposing political correctness and supporting freedom of speech by advocating for the removal of 18C from the Racial Discrimination Act.


  • “I interviewed him and decided he was very shrewd. He had thought things through, he was considered, he put his case without ranting. I don't see him as the bumper-sticker extremist people make him out to be." – Andrew Bolt
  • “He knows what he believes in. He's very well read, very intelligent. The biggest mistake you can make with George is to think he's a fool, cause he ain't." – Nationals Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce
  • “An arch conservative provocateur and lightning rod for furious disagreement from the progressive left”Joshua Robertson (The Guardian)
  • “Australia’s most polarising pollie” – Frank Robson (SBS)
  • “The increasingly prominent MP”– James Massola (SMH)
  • …he’s already carved out a persona as someone who put his electorate and his local supporters first” – Dennis Atkins (Courier Mail)


George is the eldest son of a third-generation cane farming family and he has lived in Mackay all his life. As both his parents were disability pensioners, he developed a strong sense of social justice, and he joined the Young Nationals at the age of 15. He went on to hold the position of state president of that organisation in 2003-4, and was Mackay zone vice-president of the Nationals in 2007-8.

George also worked as an electorate officer and press secretary for former Nationals Member for Dawson De-Anne Kelly for three years.

With a degree in journalism and practical experience at a community newspaper in Mackay under his belt, George went on to found his own successful publishing business which produced two other community newspapers for the Walkerston and Northern Beaches communities.

He spent six years as a councillor, firstly on the Mackay City Council, and then the Mackay Regional Council following amalgamation, where he developed a reputation as a man who would fight for a fairer outcome for ratepayers.